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Tool Disassembly for Repair iPhone iPod

Tool Disassembly for Repair iPhone iPod
Tool Disassembly for Repair iPhone iPod
sku: Apple-Tool-368L7
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You will get 5 item.

Replacing the iPhone 3G screen can be fairly easy, do it yourself, but you will need the right tool to help you get the job done correctly to avoid damages, no need to disassemble or open the whole iPhone case, simply start with the front screen, using our specially designed tools and remove the front screen panel in less than 30 seconds. And with our suction vacuum opener, item 5, you can remove the front glass without using prying tool that can leave marks on your housing.

Quick Instructions : Simply un-screw two screws at the bottom of iPhones on either size of the dock charger port, then use item 5 to adhere the vacuum opener so that it'd stick on the top of the screen hard enough that you can easily pull out the screen with a gentle pull, lift up 3 flex connectors, then remove a few more screws then you will be able to disassemble the main LCD away from the digitizer + glass, now you are ready to replace the either the glass + digitizer or the LCD.

Item 1: Cross hair screw driver torx specially designed to work with iPhone / iPod Touch housing / case repair works.
Item 2: T6 torx screw driver, this is not any regular T6, it is designed to give you the most reliable and very user friendly, it's long, and the body turn-able.
Item 3 & 4: plastic plying tools, including two pieces, you will need both of these pieces to help you open the housing much easier and safe.
Item 5: Suction Vacuum opener, adhere this plastic vacuum opener on your screen and it'd stick strong enough so you can pull out the screen easily.


Compatible:  Apple iPhone, iPhone 3G, iPod Touch, iPod Video, iPod Nano, and other iPods provided by AT&T cellphone wireless carrier or by any wireless carriers.


Condition:  Brand New.  Generic, non-OEM.

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